The effective triple-action eliminator for every mycotoxin problem

Pigs depend on their feed to keep them healthy and productive. So, when natural mycotoxins contaminate feed crops, the impact on pig growth and development can be dramatic – with lost earnings for farmers as a result.

Vilomix has developed the product serie X-Bond to minimize and prevent this risk. A triple-action toxin binder, X-Bond not only binds and deactivates naturally occurring mycotoxins. It supports animal health and performance by delivering a functional nutrient complex.

For swine X-Bond is available in three variants and is a combination of clay minerals, hydrolysed yeast cells and functional additives, including enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

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The triple-action eliminator effect:

  • BIND: Clay minerals adsorb mycotoxins so they cannot enter the blood stream
  • DEACTIVATE: Enzymes transform mycotoxins into non-toxic metabolites
  • SUPPORT: A tailored nutrient complex boosts gut, liver and immune function

Why wait for a problem? X-Bond gives a fast return

Mycotoxin-contaminated feed is a known cause of loss of appetite and vomiting, declining reproduction and an increased mortality rate all in all resulting in a lower growth performance. 

But why wait for that to happen? Tests show that X-Bond gives a positive return on investment when pig productivity drops just 1%.

Whether you have a known mycotoxin problem or want to avoid one, X-Bond always makes good business sense.

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