Quality is essential

The quality of our products is essential for the well-being of the animals, to you in order to make a good result and to us, as we do not compromise with the growth, health or well-being of the animals.

We place heavy demands on our suppliers regarding the quality of minerals, vitamins and other raw materials. Quality assurance, guarantees and reliable partners are among the conditions we impose on our suppliers.

Do you have any questions please contact Quality Manager Judith Stegelmann.

ISO 9001 — Guarantee for quality

As a customer at Vilomix Denmark you are guaranteed products of high quality. Vilomix are FAMI-QS and DS/EN ISO 9001 certified.

The ISO 9001 certification is a certification of the quality management system securing a specified quality of the product


HACCP — in-house check system — The hygiene Regulation

The in-house check system is established to secure the hygiene in a wide sense in order to obtain food security throughout all links in the supply chain from ground to table. The in-house check system is a common EU demand to all food and feed suppliers no matter the size.

What is the in-house check system?
- HACCP is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.
- The in-house check system is the systematic routines conducted by the producer to secure that the Legislation of Food and Feed is observed.
- The in-house check system is established to secure that the supplier have established procedures for: 
- Securing that the products pose no health risk for the human being. 
- Securing that the legislation is observed incidentally.

By carrying out the in-house check system it is possible to form a general view of the problems and risks that may arise in the production. In that way the risks and failures are minimised and the products will be safer. Moreover, the costs can be reduced as fewer products are discarded.

Dansk Vilomix A/S introduced the risk assessment of the production process by the HACCP principles in 2004.  

It is statutory to all food and feed suppliers to establish and carry out the in-house check system.

Traceability of feed

As of January 1st 2005 the implementation of the Regulation of Food requires external traceability. This means that the producer should be able to trace the raw materials backward to the supplier and own goods forward to the customer (external traceability).

As from February 12th 2005 and with a transitional period till January 2006 the Regulation of Hygiene is implemented. In addition to the above-mentioned, the Regulation of Hygiene introduces a requirement for internal traceability.   
This means that the producer should be able to trace the exact raw materials used in the compounds for specified customers (internal traceability).

Already in 2004, Dansk Vilomix A/S realised these requirements and our factory plant is re-built in order to handle these regulations efficiently and professionally. 

The producer is responsible that the traceability is possible and must on a request document the supplier of a certain product as well as the purchaser of a certain product.

The Regional Department of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries supervises the traceability in form of control of documents and check of the producer’s ability to document the supplier of any product (e.g. batch/lot/other identification) as well as the purchaser of any product (batch/lot/other identification).