About us

The Vilomix Group

Our primary business areas are sales and production of vitamin and mineral solutions, concentrates and milk replacers for farmers and the feed industry. Core-competencies are products and consultancy of particularly high quality to ensure that each individual farm has the best conditions for growth with the help of customer-specific and tailormade solutions and management support.

The Vilomix group are prepared to meet the demands of quality, traceability and knowledge, which is of great importance to progressive farmers practising on-farm mixing. 

Vilomix was founded in 1979 by mr. Paul Erik Iversen. Today the Vilomix Group has more than 500 employees in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam and Shanghai. The group consists of 9 factories and 3 salesdivisions.

The Vilomix Group is part of the Danish Agro Group.