Feed solutions

At Vilomix, we work on a daily basis with optimization of our products for the best product for the price. Examples is better utilization of non-available nutrients in the feed by the addition of e.g. enzymes and probiotics as well as by using synthetic amino acids

Better feed utilization and uptake

The sustainability and climate debate have become part of the agenda in the feed and food industries and in Vilomix we are constantly focusing on sustainability in livestock production / feed production. Therefore, we are in close contact with suppliers of ingredients that focus on developing new solutions for the continued reduction of climate impacts from agriculture in the future, and at the same time being able to optimize the best solution for our customers.
Better feed utilization and uptake Vilomix focuses on adequate and appropriate supply of minerals and vitamins, so that the animals are healthy and thrive. Healthier animals produce more efficiently, stay longer in production, have improved fertility and improve animal welfare.  


• Nutritionally balanced ratio of Ca: P helps build strong bones.
• Adequate zinc and biotin supplies support the hoof health. This improves production, feed efficiency and animal welfare.
• Adequate selenium and vitamin E supply improves fertility and milk quality and improves the survival of newborn calves.
• Niacin supplements increase the level of immunoglobulin in colostrum, providing healthy, strong calves.
• Mineral supplemented with sulfur improves the utilization of nitrogen from NPN sources (ammonia, urea, degraded amino acids, etc.) in microbial protein synthesis. This in turn reduces the loss of nitrogen in the urine.