Premix for pigs

Customised vitamin and mineral mixes for pigs for top results

Vilomix produces high quality vitamin and mineralmixes, concentrates, milkreplacers and additives for pigs and piglets. We have danish expertise in customised solutions for best production and economic results for our customers.

Optimisation of pig feed is an ongoing process

To achieve top results and the best feed economy, close dialogue with a feed consultant is all-important. In recent years, we have seen major price fluctuations on such commodities as grain, soybean meal, fats and fishmeal. Such fluctuations make it all the more important that feed composition is constantly reviewed and updated according to current prices. Optimisation of pig feed is a dynamic process, which at the end of the day is important for the best feed economy and production results.

Factors which are vital to optimal feed economy and profits:

  • Quality of and knowledge of ingredients
  • Feed optimisation and composition
  • Current ingredient prices
  • Ingredient buying and budgeting
  • Herd health status and potential
  • Feed equipment and capacity
  • Regular checks and follow-up
  • Feeding strategy and management
  • Customer-specific and solution-oriented mineral feed mixes

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