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Optimum feed gives the best results
The best feed optimisation takes into account good economics and high yields. Feed optimisation requires in-depth knowledge of the chemical composition of concentrates and silages. Rations must be balanced mixes of the most important nutrients and energy etc. with regard to the feed distributor’s price, making it possible to make the cheapest feed unit, combined with the best ration composition and best performance result.

Feeding and performance are closely intertwined. Using a One-Day Feed Control, it is possible to see how performance develops over time, and to follow feed and energy utilisation. Key performance indicators can also be generated.
The mineral supply must be aligned with herd needs for dairy cattle, heifers and dry cows, as over or under supply can be expensive. Close dialogue between farmer, consultant or vet means we can find the right solution


  • Feed optimisation and composition.
  • Quality of and knowledge of ingredients.
  • Feeding strategy and management

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