There is a wide range of ingredients and additives on the world market which can be added to mineral feed.

Vilomix strives constantly to find the most effective and extensively-tested products. To follow is a list of just a few of our additive groups. If you have any special requirements, please contact us – we will find the right solution.

Toxin-binders and stabilisers
E.g.: types of yeast cell products and clay minerals.

E.g.: natural vitamin E and Biotin
LiFT - Liver Function Technology. Rumen-protected vitamins to improve liver function.

Micro minerals
Micro minerals based on oxides, sulphates or organic bonds.
E.g.: copper, manganese, zinc and selenium

Macro minerals
Acid Buf
Sodium bicarbonate
Magnesium sources
Yeast products
Live or dead yeast products for improving rumen function
Feed urea

Added to mineral feed.


  • High performance
  • Health


If you have questions regarding our products - please feel free to contact one of our specialists below.

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