Prestarters and starters

Great prestarters and starters of high quality and with easily digestible ingredients

Once piglets have received colostrum and are well into the habit of suckling, there are many benefits to be gained from supplementing the sow’s milk with a tasty prestarter.

Feed uptake is crucial for the piglets to get off to a good start in the early weaning unit. Studies have shown that piglets on average grow 50 grams more after weaning when they have ‘learned’ to eat in the farrowing unit.

A good rule of thumb is to go for feed uptake of 0.80 kg/day on average from 6-30 kg.

If the piglets fail to get a good start to feeding in the farrowing unit, it can often mean farmers being forced to use expensive prestarter feed for an extended period – which has an impact on the bottom line.

High quality composition and content!

Prestarters from Vilomix are composed of ingredients with a high nutritional value for suckling and weaning pigs, and are customised for use in both the farrowing and early weaning units. Apart from ingredients with a high digestibility, our solutions contain various additives to promote well-being and daily gain.

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The Power series

The Vilomix Power series is designed for herds with dynamic daily gains and focus on feed consumption. Up to six different protein sources are involved – all with high digestibility. They promote growth without compromising the well-being of the piglet.

The Gentle series

Prestarters that quickly get pigs going with eating, while the main focus is on well-being and growth.

The solutions in the Gentle series are composed in the same way as the Power series, but is lower in standardised digestible crude protein. Furthermore they also contain BioPro Antibac, which is a blend of organic acids and fatty acids that combined create a good microbial balance in the gut/stomach system.

The Pigi series

The Pigi series consists of solutions based on vegetable proteins such as HP 300, Vilosoy and Protastar. Lactose content in the solutions is adjusted to pig size. Gives piglets a smooth transition from sow’s milk to solid feed. The Pigi solutions are full of energy, and have above-norm amino acid profiles to ensure energy and growth in piglets.

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