Cleaning the ventilation – is that important?

In the winter season the ventilation system was working on lower speed compared to the summer with hot temperatures. Therefore it would be recommended to have a general checking and cleaning of all air inlets and exhausting fans

Where it can be used - a brush for cleaning the spiders and dust will do good. Also on the exhausting tubes or chimneys where sometimes can be found a thick layer of solidified dust. This can reduce the air circulation and increase considerable the energy consumption at the farm.

The “springtime cleaning” can also include the stable’s windows cleaning in order to use more the natural light than the artificial.  In addition it gives a better environment for animals and workers.

The daily working routines are usually different during a working week and for sure it can be found some time to do some extra cleaning maybe just for 10-15 min/day when it can be done.  For ex. dusting and cleaning of the spiders from the light bulbs, wash off the flies dirt and dust from the panel of the ventilation or feeding screen so everybody can read again the labels which were covered by dirt…

Regarding cleaning and hygiene – don’t forget

  • The handling of medicine and equipment for vaccination.
  • All the tools and the toolbox should be washed with soap hot water and disinfected, the medicine bottles also must be cleaned and disinfected on the top before are stored in the refrigerator in order to have everything ready for the next day.

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