2020 pre-harvest recommendations from Vilomix

To help you maintain the high production productivity in the swine sections during the period from July to September we have gathered some main recommendations.

Farmers around Europe is right now either preparing for the harvest season or is already harvesting.  We have seen hot days already and can probably expect a few more months with high temperatures.

Hot weather can cause challenges - especially for sows - but also weaners and finishers are exposed to high temperatures.  In addition to heat stress during the summer often challenges appear in the production with fresh grain poisoning and toxin contamination.

In order to maintain the high productivity during the period from July to September Vilomix recommend the following actions:

  • To use the toxin binder X-Bond as a preventive action. According to several prognosis grains in many regions can be potentially affected with a high toxin pressure - especially DON (Source: AllAboutFeed
  • Add the antioxidant Gallox Dry – it is the cheapest and most effective solution to avoid oxidation and formation of harmful free radicals and new grain poisoning of the animals
  • Add betain - it helps to avoid heat stress during the hot period via preventing dehydration, which is crucial especially for lactating sows to keep a high feed intake and a good milk yield

Don´t hesitate to contact your Vilomix consultant to help you get the right choices for your premix