The dilemma of the high-production cow

High output requires high energy uptake

We were once again able to look up in RYK (the Danish year book recording average milk yields) in December and be impressed over high output: 14-16,000 kg of milk. That requires good management, good genetics and good feed.

The critical period after calving and the mobilisation phase require particular focus. During those periods, the cow is unable to take in enough energy. At this point, neither the best management nor the best feed are enough. The feed ration can simply NOT provide enough energy.

So what do we do? We can give the cow certain “supplements” to boost energy utilisation, or that affect its ability to convert nutrients. The microorganisms in the rumen can be stimulated, and liver capacity boosted.



Enzymes, yeast, natural extracts, sodium bicarbonate


Choline, methionine, niacin

A good startup process gives higher output throughout lactation, so let’s take a look at the various ways cows can be spoilt in a startup group.

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