Rye in feed for pigs

So far, the rye was not so popular as a feed component among pigs producers. This is mostly due to the risk of toxins contamination by this type of grain. Additionally, many farmers observed lower digestibility of feed, and poor growth performance as consequence. Also low milk production and breeding problems of sows. All these observations were typical for some time ago, especially with a high content of rye in feed formulations.

At the current moment all mentioned factors are improved by the selection program of rye. New hybrid sorts of rye are working much better in the feed. For example, many farmers who have an experience with rye before, know that rye have bitter taste, which impacts negatively feed intake by pigs. But this information is not valid anymore. New sorts of rye have the same content of bitterness bearers as wheat does.

Many Vilomix customers are using rye, and this is profitable. Despite the fact, that energy value and protein content of rye is lower in comparison with wheat – it is becoming more profitable to use rye in the feed. Additionally rye has more fibers, which is good advantage in feeding of sows. Some farmers conclude, that animals are more quiet  in periods between feedings, also cannibalism is reduced in some cases. For utilization of fibers with low digestibility, recommended to add enzymes to the feed (xylanase and glucanase).

High productivity of the herd is prioritized for every farmer. Rye can significantly reduce final price of feed, without reduction of the herd productivity

Animal group Content of rye in the feed %*
Pregnant sows up to 25
Lactating sows up to 25
Weaners 9-15 kg up to 20
Weaners 15-30 kg up to 20
Growers 30-55 kg up to 30
Finishers 55-110 kg up to 40

*Maximum content of ergot per kg of grain have to be not more than 1g.
For the original results of the research, read article here

Additional positive factor is balance of amino acids in the protein of rye, especially a high content of lysine. This allow to save on synthetic lysine in the diet.
The amount of rye in the recipes have to be well balanced with other components of feed formulations, for the optimal growth and performance of animals. Vilomix have good experience in this.


  • Usage of rye is especially effective in feeding of sows and finishers
  • Rye in the feed can reduce price of feeding program significantly
  • Rye have positive effect on stomach health

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