Suspect toxins in your silage?

Toxins – again this year

The summer of 2017 has shown itself from a very wet and cold side. This could be a problem, because fungus greatly thrive under these conditions. This could cause an increased risk of toxins in the cornsilage, and maybe even in corncob silage.

Herds affected by toxinpoisoning, would show several of the symptoms listed below:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Decreased immunfunction
  • Decrease in milk production
  • Elevated somatic cellcount
  • Unregularly- or decreased reproduction
  • Varying feedintake
  • Wounds and abscesses, that are not caused by inventory or bedding
  • Tits are swollen
  • increase in edema
  • Los of cud, before chewing

Corn silage could show no visible sign of fungus growth, but still have fungus colonies that causes toxinpoisoning.
There are types of toxins that could be produced directly at crop before harvest, and brought in at harvest, therefore not visible in the silage, even though the dairy cows would have a negative response to the toxincontent.

There is several types of toxin producing fungus with varying intensity of toxins that could cause problems for dairy cows.
On a few specific toxins, EU has established maximum allowed toxin level In feedstuffs.
It is worth noticing that we do not know the full risk at a combination of different toxins, at different levels.
If you have any suspicion toward toxin contamination of any silage, we recommend toxinbinding products for neutralizing toxins, and in addition support the immunstatus of the dairyherd, by adjusting the feed and mineral intake.

Please contact your Vilomix advisors, if you require any kind of help, ore need more information on toxin poisoning in dairy herds.


December 2017