Typical mistakes in stables that have a big economic impact

Wrong feed amount for sows can end up with a cost on almost 30 euros more per sow per year.

In farrowing stables

It is important that you regularly, preferably every 14 days, check the weight of 1 liter of feed in the volume regulating parts on the farms with dry feed. It is clear that there will be insignif-icant difference in weight from time to time, but we have seen very large fluctuations over time and it has huge consequences.

For example, it was registered that an average weight of 1 liter is 0.5 kg per liter. After the check the real weight was 0.55 kg per liter. This seems like not a big difference but remember that in this case the feed was given in the amount that is actually 10% more than it was intended. Con-verted to economic terms it has a worth of 30 euros per sow.

The procedure for volume control is as follows. Weigh 5 different volume regulating parts at respectively 1,2,4 and 6 liters. Then calculate an average per liter. Be aware that the first liter always differs significantly from the other. When the average is found there can be calculated how feeder should be set up. If there are different feed dispensers’ manufacturers used they should be checked separately.

Vilomix has prepared a spreadsheet that can be used for this. If you would like to have a copy please contact your Vilomix nutritionist.