DHA – Way to have stronger piglets

The problem is well known and here is one of the options

The piglets are born with a smaller and smaller weight as a consequence of a higher amount of live born piglets per sow. Thus many piglets are born with the weight under 900 g. With many live born piglets the next limit is too few tits.

At the same time there is a strong need for reduction of mortality rates and giving opportuni-ties for going through the system for as many piglets as possible. This has certain economic benefits for producers.

The newborn piglets’ ability for survival is strongly dependent on how active and "mobile" they are. If the piglets are very mobile just after farrowing the probability of them getting co-lostrum is higher, therefore the chances for survival increase. Tests have shown that if DHA is added to sows’ diet the amount of DHA in the brain of piglets will be higher. Adding DHA has increased weaning weight and reduced mortality from farrowing to weaning.

DHA gives:

  •  Stronger and more active piglets
  •  Better searching behavior of newborn piglets
  •  Better immune defense

DHA GOLD® is a vegetable based source of essential omega-3 fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Essential fatty acids are important preconditions for life-saving mechanisms in the body and as the animals are not able to produce them self must be supplied to the organ-ism.

DHA is added to your mineral and vitamin premix with the dose of 250 g/t of feed. Used for both gestating and lactating sows.

If you want to know more about DHA Gold please contact your Vilomix nutritionist.


April 2017