HyD – Transferable vitamin D

HyD is transferable vitamin D, which goes faster in the bloodstream as it bypasses the liver

Our recommendation – HyD to sows

It is important to have enough vitamin D for sows since it has influence on calcium-phosphorus balance/- regulation and formation of the number of muscle cells.

By adding HyD the fetuses and the piglets muscles will be improved which gives a higher birth-weight.

Some producers have chosen to simply increase the amount of vitamin D and has also seen improved results.

Vilomix recommendation is therefore to raise the level of vitamin D from 800 IU up to 2000 IU.

The trials has shown an increased litter weight on 5 kg by increasing vitamin D levels. If half of the vitamin D is added as HyD it will cost about 1,4 € per year sow. The 5 kg extra litter weight has a value of approx. 6,7 € per litter.

So if you can achieve a greater litter weight by adding an extra vitamin D you can en up with a higher profit.

If you want to know more, please contact your Vilomix nutritionist.