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  New: ViloBoost
Vilomix' new product, ViloBoost, supply the sow with extra energy before farrowing and boosts the milkproduction. ViloBoost should be given by 1 kg/day til sows from entering the farrowingstable to 2-3 days after farrowing. Read more about ViloBoost in the article.
  Do your sows have enough energy around farrowing?
If the sow doesn't get feed for more than 6 hours before farrowing, this risk of lengthy farrowing and number of deadborn piglets will be increased. All because of not enough energy, To avoid this, it is important to give the sow enough feed before the actual farrowing and increase advantageously the energylevel in the feed. Read more about our recommenfations to feedcurve and solution til energy supplement.
  Typical mistakes in farrowing stable
Do you regularly/every 14. days check the weight of 1 liter feed? If you don't do this and use volumeboxes (to dry feed), the sows might get to lillte or to much feed. Both parts can have a big economic impact. Read more about how 10 % difference in weight can cost up to 30 €/year sow and how you can control the feed amount correctly.
  DHA – Way to having stronger piglets
By adding DHA in feed for sows, it is possible to obtain stronger and more vigorous piglets. Tests have also shown that the immune system can be improved. Read more in the article how it should e dosed and what you can get out of it.
  The new standards are tested
The experience from praktice is that by raising the aminoacidprofile til 7,4 g. digst. lysine and 120 g digst. crude protein provides a better lactating sow. This is therefore our recommendation.
  Experience with HyD
HyD is a tranferable vitamin D, which increases the longevity of sows and gives an improves the litterweight. VSP has experimented with HyD and concludes that there are up to 5 kg increased litterweight at weaning.
  Fibre in feed for sows
Benefits of adding fibre in your feed for sows. It is widely known that fibre helps to increase the gastrointestinal health of the pigs. Besides this, there are also a number of other benefits of using fibre in the diet.